“How can it be called child marriage when a 14 year old girl consents to the union? If they are still children, then why do their ovaries function?’ the young people of Mosiro sought to know. “We, the Maa community we have our own constitution much as there is the government constitution. Our constitution says when young people become of age (not defined) they go through an initiation ceremony conducted by the elders that transits them to adulthood no matter the age,” explained a young man in the Najile meeting.

This conversation led to the ban of FGC and early marriage in the new Maa Constitution.

“Kweli hii masomo imekuwa wapi? Kwa miaka 45 nimeishiwa na wake wamekuwa wakiuimia sababu ya kukosa hii masomo…”
(Where has this education been? For 45 years our women have been suffering because of lack of knowledge) questioned one of the chiefs during the training